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Pescatarian Keto Food Shopping List

It is a misconception that you cannot adopt a ketogenic lifestyle without eating meat. Vegetarian and pescatarian keto do not necessarily require a restrictive diet. In fact, there are many varied and delicious foods you can eat as a keto vegetarian or pescatarian. Feeling lost and uninspired during your grocery shopping? This pescatarian food list should be helpful whether you are new to the keto diet or just need some new ideas.

Everything on the list is keto-friendly, but remember to pay attention to serving sizes and monitor whether you’re in ketosis to be sure you’re not eating too many carbs. If you are a pure vegetarian and do not eat fish, you’ll see a few items on the list that you cannot consume, but many of the foods listed are vegetarian. Even if you do eat meat, a lot of these groceries are staples for the ketogenic diet that you’re likely to want in your kitchen. Most of them are standard items you should be able to find in a regular grocery store. You can also order them on Amazon Fresh if it’s available in your area, but if not, dry goods can still be ordered on Amazon.

So, without any further adieu, here’s the pescatarian keto food list to guide your grocery shopping!

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KetoFix Review: Chocolate Coconut Keto Energy Bars

As the popularity of the keto diet increases, more keto bars are entering the market to replace high-carb energy and protein bars. KetoFix was founded in Montreal, Canada, and the company creates bars that are intended to satisfy cravings with healthy fats. At the time of writing, KetoFix has launched one flavor, which is called Premium Chocolate Coconut. The bars are advertised to contain quality ingredients that won’t knock dieters out of ketosis. I tried KetoFix’s bars and will discuss the ingredients, macros, flavor, and texture as well as where to buy the bars in this review.

KetoFix Bar Ingredients

KetoFix bars are free from artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy, and corn fillers. The ingredients are Organic Almond Butter, Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate, Chicory Root Fiber, Organic Coconut, Almonds, 100% Cacao Chocolate Chips, Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Cacao Butter, Erythritol, MCT Oil (from coconut), Organic Cocoa, Natural Flavors, and Sea Salt.

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Vegetarian vs. Keto: Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Keto Diet

There are a variety of reasons to deviate from the Standard American Diet (SAD), whether it’s to achieve better health, lose weight, or simply eat a diet that is more appropriate for the human species. Two lifestyle choices that are on the rise are the vegetarian diet and the very low carb or keto diet. At first glance, vegetarian and keto seem like they couldn’t be more different. After all, most keto adherents swear by steak, bacon, and other meats. However, it is entirely possible to eat both vegetarian and keto at the same time.

A vegetarian low carb diet doesn’t need to feel restrictive, and there are many ways you can get creative in the kitchen while hitting your macros. Some vegans even follow a keto diet! Yet it is no secret that plant-based keto isn’t as easy as traditional keto. That’s why many people end up comparing the vegetarian diet to the ketogenic diet and asking themselves which is the right choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether avoiding meat or avoiding carbs is more important to you. If the answer is that both are highly important, committing to vegetarian keto is an easy descision. If you are wavering between choosing a high carb vegetarian diet or a low-carb omnivorous diet, you’ll have to think about your health goals and your personal ethics and make an informed decision. This article is designed to guide you through your journey as you find the right diet! Continue reading “Vegetarian vs. Keto: Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Keto Diet”

Recipe: Vegan Keto Fried Tofu Miso Soup with Bok Choy

Fried tofu soup is a dinner I make often, and I’ve gotten a few requests for the recipe on my Instagram. It’s vegan, keto-friendly, and delicious, so what more could you want?

I’ve never followed a recipe when making this, but I decided to keep track of what amounts of ingredients I used. You do not have to follow this recipe exactly! Use the vegetables you have on hand, and feel free to add more. I sometimes add mushrooms, baby corn, and bean sprouts. You can also try a dash of rice vinegar and a sprinkle of monkfruit sweetener. Amounts vary depending on how sour or sweet you want your soup to be, but feel free to experiment according to your own tastes! 

There are many miso soup recipes that use real miso online, but this recipe uses an instant miso soup packet. The brand Edward & Sons makes a vegan miso soup. If you are a pescatarian or an omnivore, you can use Kikkoman Instant Tofu Miso Soup, which contains bonito (fish) and is my brand of choice. If you are using miso paste, 2 tablespoons is a decent amount. Up to 4 will add more flavor if you are less concerned about the carbs. I like to use awase miso by Miko and add Emerald Cove’s wakame (dried seaweed), which you’ll need if you want seaweed and aren’t using an instant miso packet. You can omit the miso entirely if you’d like to lower the net carbs a bit.

Non-vegans can also add additional protein by frying an egg and topping the bowl of soup with it. Adding a drizzle of sriracha to your egg makes it extra tasty! To see all the iterations I’ve made of this soup, follow @pescatarian.keto on Instagram. Continue reading “Recipe: Vegan Keto Fried Tofu Miso Soup with Bok Choy”

Updated Nui Cookie Review: Tasting the New Recipe Launched in 2019

I was first introduced to Nui cookies by the Joe Rogan Experience back when the brand was called Keto Kookie. The keto-friendly cookie company has since changed its name, and in November 2018, Nui was featured on Shark Tank. About a year later, the company announced another big change: a complete reformulation of their recipe.

While the old new cookies came in four flavors, there are only two flavors now, which are Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. My previous Nui cookie review is now outdated because the old recipe is no longer available. Naturally, I had to try the new recipe and share my reaction with my blog subscribers.

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KetoWatt Review: Low Carb Protein Bars [No Longer Available]

UPDATE 2/23/20: KetoWatt bars are no longer available on the company’s website. I will miss these bars as they had many qualities I liked, particularly the fact that they did not use any type of sweetener! However, if you are looking for vegan-friendly keto bars, Love Good Fats bars and Dang bars are both great options. If you are looking for a bar that is paleo-friendly and don’t need it to be vegan, I’d try Primal Kitchen’s bars.

Although I try to focus on eating whole foods as part of my keto diet, I also appreciate the convenience of prepackaged low carb treats and am always looking for new options. When it comes to protein or energy bars, there are a lot of mainstream options due to the current popularity of low carb diets including Quest bars, Atkins bars (now without maltitol!), and SlimFast Keto bars. These can be found in most grocery stores, but many keto dieters are skeptical of these products and don’t like the ingredients used.

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Keto Bars Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Review [New Vegan Recipe]

In December 2018, the company Keto Bars sent out an email announcing a new flavor called Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond. This flavor would replace their original and best-selling Dark Chocolate Coconut bar. My first reaction was apprehension. I was a big fan of the Dark Chocolate Coconut bars, as I stated in my first Keto Bars review. However, I was willing to give them a chance, so I ordered a box. I enjoy sugar-free protein and energy bars in general, and some of my favorites are the new Atkins bars without maltitol (especially in Chocolate Peanut Butter), the Slimfast Keto bars, and Perfect Keto’s bars. If I’m being honest, I’m obsessed with sweets and rarely find a keto-friendly treat I truly dislike, so I wasn’t likely to hate Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond.

In this post, I’ll explain why Keto Bars changed their original flavor and also share my review of these new Keto Bars. If you want to skip the review and order a box of Keto Bars now, make sure you use the discount code PESCATARIANKETO10 for 10% off. Continue reading “Keto Bars Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Review [New Vegan Recipe]”

Nui Review: Keto Cookies Seen on Shark Tank and Joe Rogan Experience #994

Update 11/2/2019: I updated this review when Nui appeared on Shark Tank, and now I have more news! As of recently, Nui has changed their recipe, so my review below is outdated. The cookies I wrote about are no longer available. Check out my review of the new Nui cookies to learn how the company changed them and which flavor was my favorite!

Update 12/2/2018: The keto-friendly cookie brand Nui appeared on an episode of Shark Tank that aired Sunday, November 25, 2018. I love Shark Tank and have reviewed other keto-friendly products that I discovered on the show show such as Wink Frozen Desserts and ENERGYbits spirulina. I was introduced to Nui when they were mentioned in Joe Rogan Experience #994, but they will now be known by a way larger audience as those keto cookies from Shark Tank.

Nui Cookies accepted $300,000 from Alex Rodriguez for 25% of the company. I hope that Nui’s success grows (and I’m sure the exposure alone will help a lot) because as you will see from my review (originally posted 4/15/18), the cookies are very tasty and have perfect macros for the keto diet!

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Are Chipotle & Pancheros Vegetarian and Keto? Yes, Here’s What to Order

Following a keto diet means you have to be careful when you eat out, but it is convenient to find a restaurant that caters to your needs. If you’re a keto vegetarian, finding food to eat at restaurants and fast food chains is even more challenging. Luckily, Chipotle and Pancheros Mexican Grill are both safe havens for keto dieters, and they even have vegetarian keto options!

This article lists what you can order as a keto vegetarian at Chipotle and Pancheros and the net carbs of those orders. It also answers whether or not certain ingredients used at these restaurants are considered keto. Oh, and it explores the mysterious questions of “What is Sofritas?” and “What is Tofusada?” (Spoiler: They’re the tofu options used by Chipotle and Pancheros respectively.)

Can You Eat Keto at Chipotle?

Yes, Chipotle has a lot of keto-friendly options. While the burritos and tacos aren’t keto, you can order a salad and only add keto-friendly toppings (omit beans and rice). Something great about Chipotle is that its selection can cater to a variety of dietary restrictions, from vegetarian to vegan to keto.

I found this post on keto Chipotle orders from KetoConnect when I was first researching whether the restaurant chain was keto-friendly. I even found a reddit thread where users were discussing how to order vegan keto at Chipotle. Luckily, as a vegetarian, you have the options of sour cream and cheese, making your keto Chipotle order a little more varied. As a keto vegan, you’re limited to lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and Sofritas (tofu) at Chipotle. Continue reading “Are Chipotle & Pancheros Vegetarian and Keto? Yes, Here’s What to Order”

Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder Review

Some people who start the keto diet are disappointed to hear that you can’t consume much fruit due to the high sugar content. One of my health and nutrition heroes, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, has mentioned that she eats a lot of fruit and that she would be concerned about getting enough micronutrients on a ketogenic diet. This worried me a bit too. You can fit small amounts of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries into your daily macros (and avocados, which are high in fat and low in carbs, are a fruit), but fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are just a bit too sugary.

The truth is that many keto dieters are missing out on valuable micronutrients that are typically ingested via fruit, especially if they subscribe to a version of the diet that is heavy in bacon and butter. I incorporate tons of vegetables (spinach especially) into my pescatarian keto diet, but although I know I can have berries, I typically don’t.

When I heard about Perfect Keto’s Micronutrient Greens Powder, I was instantly intrigued because it promised to deliver tons of micronutrients in drinkable form without the risk of consuming too much sugar. I tried it out for myself, and here’s everything you need to know about the Greens Powder. Oh yeah, and if you use my promo code FISHYKETO, you can try it for 15% off! Continue reading “Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder Review”