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Here you'll find my reviews of various keto products I've sampled from snacks to supplements.

Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder Review

Some people who start the keto diet are disappointed to hear that you can’t consume much fruit due to the high sugar content. One of my health and nutrition heroes, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, has mentioned that she eats a lot of fruit and that she would be concerned about getting enough micronutrients on a ketogenic diet. This worried me a bit too. You can fit small amounts of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries into your daily macros (and avocados, which are high in fat and low in carbs, are a fruit), but fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are just a bit too sugary.

The truth is that many keto dieters are missing out on valuable micronutrients that are typically ingested via fruit, especially if they subscribe to a version of the diet that is heavy in bacon and butter. I incorporate tons of vegetables (spinach especially) into my pescatarian keto diet, but although I know I can have berries, I typically don’t.

When I heard about Perfect Keto’s Micronutrient Greens Powder, I was instantly intrigued because it promised to deliver tons of micronutrients in drinkable form without the risk of consuming too much sugar. I tried it out for myself, and here’s everything you need to know about the Greens Powder. Oh yeah, and if you use my promo code FISHYKETO, you can try it for 15% off! Continue reading “Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder Review”

Fat Snax Keto Cookie Review

It’s safe to say that I am a bit addicted to trying and reviewing keto cookies. I’ve written about KNOW Better Cookies and Nui cookies (formerly called Keto Kookies), and this review focuses on Fat Snax cookies. Like the other two brands, Fat Snax are high fat, low carb cookies formulated for the keto diet. Admittedly, I have only tried one flavor of Fat Snax cookies, which is the chocolate chip. Therefore, my Fat Snax review is not as complete as my other reviews.

At this time, I don’t have plans to order more flavors Fat Snax cookies, but I’m likely to try the variety pack at some point in the future and update this review. Anyway, keep reading for my reaction to Fat Snax keto cookies as well as a comparison with KNOW cookies! Continue reading “Fat Snax Keto Cookie Review”

Perfect Keto Pure MCT Oil Powder Review

I’ve written about a variety of products from Perfect Keto in the past such as their keto nut butter and BHB salts. They’re definitely one of my go-to brands for keto essentials! In this post, I’m going to talk about Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder. First, I’ll give a little background on MCT oil, and then I’ll answer every question you could possibly have about MCT oil powder.

Keep reading my review of Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder to find out how it’s made, why you should use it, and how you can get 15% off your order! (Hint: Scroll to the bottom of the article if you’re looking for the discount code.)

What Is MCT Oil?

When you make the decision to follow a ketogenic diet and start reading about it on the internet, chances are you’ll encounter mentions of MCT oil. MCT is an abbreviation of medium-chain triglycerides, and MCT oil is a source of fat that is typically derived from coconuts, though it may also come from palm oil. It’s important to note that coconut oil is not the same thing as MCT oil because this is a common source of confusion. If you encounter these two oils in person, the difference is obvious; coconut oil is solid at room temperature whereas MCT oil is liquid. Continue reading “Perfect Keto Pure MCT Oil Powder Review”

Perfect Keto Nut Butter Review – Macadamia, Cashew, and MCT Oil Blend

Perfect Keto, a company that produces essentials for the keto diet including exogenous ketones and MCT oil powder, recently introduced a Nut Butter formulated for the ketogenic lifestyle. Perfect Keto Nut Butter is a blend of raw macadamia nuts, raw cashews, raw coconut butter, MCT oil, vanilla bean powder, and sea salt. These ingredients are awesome for powering a plant-based keto diet—or any keto diet.

Anyway, now that I’ve received my Nut Butter and have been snacking on it for a few days, it’s time to do a review! Read on for my reaction to Perfect Keto Nut Butter.

If you don’t need to read the review before you order, then use my discount code FISHYKETO for 15% off when you buy your Nut Butter.

How Does Perfect Keto Nut Butter Taste?

When I first went to taste the nut butter, I was surprised by how liquidy it was compared to a normal nut butter. This is the result of the MCT oil. A moment later, I read the side of the jar and saw the recommendation to store it in the fridge. Continue reading “Perfect Keto Nut Butter Review – Macadamia, Cashew, and MCT Oil Blend”

Nui Review: Keto Cookies Seen on Shark Tank and Joe Rogan Experience #994

Update 12/2/18: The keto-friendly cookie brand Nui appeared on an episode of Shark Tank that aired Sunday, November 25, 2018. I love Shark Tank and have reviewed other keto-friendly products that I discovered on the show show such as Wink Frozen Desserts and ENERGYbits spirulina. I originally found out about Nui because they were mentioned in Joe Rogan Experience #994, but they will now be known by a way larger audience as those keto cookies from Shark Tank.

Nui Cookies accepted $300,000 from Alex Rodriguez for 25% of the company. I hope that Nui’s success grows (and I’m sure the exposure alone will help a lot) because as you will see from my review, the cookies are very tasty and have great macros!

When I first tried Nui cookies, the company was known as Keto Kookie, but they changed their name in May 2018 to appeal to a wider market than just the keto community. These low carb high fat cookies come in four flavors, which are:

Update 7/5/18: Nui has added a fifth flavor and released it on Amazon. I’ve tried this tasty flavor, which is Birthday Cake, although I have not added it to my review yet. I have also tried Chocolate Chip. Double Chocolate and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle remain my favorites!

The flavors I will be reviewing are Double Chocolate and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. Nui cookies are recommended by ketone researcher Dom D’Agostino, and many keto dieters swear by them. Keep on reading to learn more about Nui cookies including the nutrition facts, what Dom D’Agostino and Joe Rogan say about them, what I thought of them, and how you can buy them.

Continue reading “Nui Review: Keto Cookies Seen on Shark Tank and Joe Rogan Experience #994”

Keto Bars Review: Quest Bar Alternative for the Keto Diet

Before I started the ketogenic diet, I was all about my energy bars. Clif Bars were my obsession, but they are full of sugar and have no place in my current keto lifestyle. Finding a keto replacement was vital. Like many before me, I first stumbled upon Quest Bars, which are readily available in pretty much every store. However, for a variety of reasons I’ll explore, Quest Bars are not ideal for keto, so I was excited to find Keto Bars. I was also excited because I’m admittedly obsessed with sampling and reviewing keto products, but I digress.

There are three flavors of Keto Bars, Dark Chocolate CoconutChocolate Mint, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. When I received my first ever box of Keto Bars, I was delighted to see that the company gave me two stickers, one that read “Keto Warrior” and another saying “Keto Does It Butter.”

That was a nice touch, but what about the taste and the nutrition information? Keep reading my Keto Bars review to find out!

Keto Bars vs. Quest Bars

Keto Bars, as their name implies, are formulated with the keto diet in mind, whereas Quest Bars are not. The Quest Bars I’ve tried have 4g-5g net carbs, which isn’t terrible, but they are also very low in fat and very high in protein. Continue reading “Keto Bars Review: Quest Bar Alternative for the Keto Diet”

BHB Supplement Review: Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base

When I discovered the joys of Zhou Nutrition’s Keto Drive, I wasn’t sure I would ever need to experiment with another exogenous ketone supplement. However, the brand Perfect Keto was on my radar because I was using their ketone test strips, and I became aware that they produced many other keto products including exogenous ketones (more specifically, BHB salts). My curiosity eventually dictated that I needed to try Perfect Keto’s exogenous ketones. Now I’m reviewing the two flavors I sampled in case anyone else is curious about them!

If you’re new to exogenous ketones and aren’t sure what they do, I recommend reading When and How to Use Perfect Keto on the company’s blog. Anyway, onto the review!

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base Flavors

One thing I found intriguing about Perfect Keto base were the flavors, of which there are four:

  • Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Peaches and Cream

Continue reading “BHB Supplement Review: Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base”

Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive BHB Salts Review

Keto Drive BHB salts by Zhou Nutrition were the first exogenous ketones that I used to supplement my pescatarian ketogenic diet. I was new to keto and had heard that exogenous ketone supplements helped with the symptoms of “keto flu,” so I decided to give them a try.

As I review the three available flavors of Keto Drive, I’ll also discuss the effects I felt from taking these exogenous ketone supplements.

Keep reading to find out which one I liked best!

Keto Drive BHB Salts Orange Mango Review

I had heard that ketone supplements taste terrible, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I stirred my Orange Mango Keto Drive into a glass of water. One of my reasons for ordering this flavor first was an Amazon review that said Orange Mango was more enjoyable than the average ketone supplement. (My other reason was that Orange Mango was on sale.) Once the powder was all dissolved, I tasted the drink and was pleasantly surprised by its sweet and tangy flavor, which only had a slight weird aftertaste. It’s hard to identify what the aftertaste is. Maybe the issue is just that the flavors taste artificial to me, and there’s a slight chalkiness.

Continue reading “Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive BHB Salts Review”

Keto Ice Cream: Wink Frozen Desserts Review (Cocoa Dough & Cake Batter)

Wink Frozen Desserts creates frozen treats that boast a number of diet-friendly traits compared to traditional ice cream. These pints are low calorie (100-240kcal for the whole pint!), sugar free, vegan, and most importantly for me, keto-friendly! Like ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tablets, this is a product I first discovered on Shark Tank but didn’t seek out until I started the ketogenic lifestyle. Also like ENERGYbits, Wink Frozen Desserts did not get a very positive review from the Sharks, but that did not stop me from being intrigued by it. Nor did some of the negative reviews of the taste that I read online, especially since I read a few positive reviews of Wink Frozen Desserts as well.

It goes without saying that Wink Frozen Desserts is very different from traditional ice cream made with dairy and sugar, and if you’re expecting it to be exactly the same, you’re going to be disappointed. Of course, if you’re buying keto ice cream, you already know what you’re getting into and are likely used to sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit.

Here are my thoughts on the Wink Frozen Desserts flavors I sampled, which are Cocoa Dough and Cake Batter. Continue reading “Keto Ice Cream: Wink Frozen Desserts Review (Cocoa Dough & Cake Batter)”

Keto Cookie Review: KNOW Better Cookies

Update 12/2/18: KNOW Foods has changed the size of their cookies so they are now about half as big and only 190 calories. They are still delicious and probably a more reasonable serving size now although I loved how giant they were before. The links to products in this article are likely outdated. Here is a link to the new KNOW cookies on Amazon. There is also a new flavor, which is peanut butter. I’ve tried it but don’t like it as much as the other four.

I learned that keto cookies exist while listening to Joe Rogan Experience #994 with Dom D’Agostino, the same episode I referenced in my ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tablet review. Dom brings keto cookies to the show, and he says to find them by searching “keto cookie.”

He was referencing the brand Nui, which used to be called Keto Kookie, and their cookies aren’t on Amazon and were out of stock when I was working on this review. However, my own searches on Google and Amazon brought me to KNOW Better Cookies by KNOW Foods and Fat Snax keto cookies.

I originally wrote this review as a comparison of KNOW cookies with Fat Snax, but that was when I’d only tried one flavor of each. I’ve since revised this review to focus on all four flavors of KNOW cookies, and I posted a separate Fat Snax review that includes the comparison. I’ve also published a review of Nui cookies. Anyway, onto the KNOW Better Cookie review!

KNOW Better Keto Cookie Review – Chocolate Chip

KNOW chocolate chip cookies have only 4g net carbs per cookie, and the cookies are large and 395 calories each, so that’s not bad! They also have 32g fat (288 calories from fat) and 18g protein, making them an amazing keto dessert (or meal replacement). The sweetener used as allulose, which is noted to have zero glycemic index on the KNOW Foods website. Continue reading “Keto Cookie Review: KNOW Better Cookies”